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  • Undying Dreams

    Undying Dreams

    Mike (Kohan) fled the repressive regime in Iran to live freely in America, eventually falling in love with Christine, an American nurse. But whenshe is kidnapped soon after arriving in Iraq for a humanitarian program, Mike must face a chaotic world he...

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  • Rocksteady


    B.C. (Cedric Sanders, "The Social Network") has big dreams. A talented young driver, he wishes to move to Los Angeles and turn his hobby into his profession, but his mother's mounting financial concerns are about to wreck this dream. Fresh hope arrives...

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  • Greencard Warriors

    Greencard Warriors

    When fourteen year-old Angel (Angel Amaral, "Short Term 12"), an undocumented Latino, loses his older brother to the US Military in order to gain naturalization for the family, he turns to a local street gang for advice and guidance through life in the...

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  • Evil Feed

    Evil Feed

    A group of young martial artists participate in vicious cage fights to the death where the loser gets chopped up and served as an exotic dish in a Chinese restaurant.DVD Details>Rated: NR>Runtime: 1 hours, 30 minutes>Video: Color>Encoding: Region...

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  • Deep Dark Canyon

    Deep Dark Canyon

    After a hunting accident leaves a small town's adored mayor dead, two teenage brothers break out of jail and go on the lamb. Handcuffed together with the whole town tracking down the fugitives, they must lose the cops and survive the elements to escape...

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  • Day of Wrath

    Day of Wrath

    Set in the 16th century, "Day of Wrath" follows a sheriff working on a series of murders. But when he discovers he's tied to the crimes, he is forced to decide between his conscience and protecting his family. "Day of Wrath" is a riveting, epic adventure...

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  • Croczilla


    Fasten your seatbelts when a rampaging two-ton crocodile with a ravenous appetite is loose in the city. With the army on the hunt Croczilla will terrorize innocent people while a sexy model tries to recover millions from its belly. Similar to "Jaws" and...

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  • The Assault

    The Assault

    When four heavily armed Islamic terrorists hijack an Paris-bound Air France flight on the runway, determined to fly into the Eiffel Tower,two hundred and twenty-seven innocent lives hang in the balance. Their only chance of rescue is a highly driven SWAT...

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  • Abstraction


    Tommy (Ives) and Gary (Manriquez) are criminals engaging in grand thefts in order to make ends meet. They are fearless opportunists who, after a routine robbery goes wrong, are forced to put their criminal activities behind them. As Tommy's relationship...

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  • Sons of Liberty

    Sons of Liberty

    A special operations unit races to seek and destroy the construction of a devastating micro nuclear device built by a group of radical mercenaries whose political beliefs cross the line between terrorist and revolutionary. "Sons of Liberty" keeps the...

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  • Knight of the Dead

    Knight of the Dead

    A band of crusading knights carries the Holy Grail through a plague-ridden countryside, destined for a distant land. Hunted by assassins, the knights enter the forbidden Valley of Black Death. As they go deeper into the valley, they discover something...

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